What is the Library of Celaeno?

The Library of Celaeno is a cosmic, haunted repository of knowledge. It is cosmic in the sense of the Greek κόσμος, all that which is universal and pertains to human life, as well as being cosmic in terms of being located in the Pleiades. It is haunted in the sense of bearing the presence of unrealized possibilities, hoped-for-futures unmanifested, and the echoing voice of the past. It is a dead mall in a Roman ruin, where the sounds of symphonic vaporwave rebound against the dusty, cyclopean stacks, and candles flicker in fluorescent recesses. It is the Backrooms where the wise seek to hang nine days from drop-ceiling frames, pierced by curtain rods, for a chance to drink from the well of a liminal pool. It is a holy place; cigar smoke is its incense, its Lares are the nameless transcribers of ancient wisdom who whisper in the ears of those who would shun the noise of the world. It is not found by looking, but when one ceases to look elsewhere.

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The Library of Celaeno is a cosmic repository of wisdom located deep in the Taurus Constellation.


The Great Haunted Library of Celaeno is a repository of cosmic knowledge orbiting the eponymous star in the Taurus Constellation. Its layout defies human notions of time and space. As Magister Magnus and Bibliothecarius, I tend the collection.