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"My fellow Americans, die for more stuff."

Brings a tear to my eye. Truly they will see us as The Greatest Generation.

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Our elite doesn't want to destroy China, they want to do business with them. Who they want to destroy is YOU. Some European bastard probably said something like "You can always pay one part of the poor to put down the rest of the poor." The people running our country have been shown to the whole world as impotent, so like a drunk dad, they're coming home to beat the shit out of the wife and kids, ie, us, to assuage their feelings of inadequacy. It's in the goddamn news every day. Thanks for the essay, it was good, pissed me right off.

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It's funny to me that they're all but saying, "We're going to war with China and Russia", and they know it, and we know it, and China and Russia have to know it, but for some reason, no one's allowed to break kayfabe. And, that being the case, does anyone really think that China and Russia, if things come down to it, are going to sit and wait to get hit first if they're 110% sure that things are about to pop off? I'd be so bold as to suggest the opening salvos have already been fired and 90% of the fighting so far has been through unconventional means (cyber attacks, economic maneuvering, infrastructure sabotage), and who knows how long that will continue or ramp up until both sides finally go mask-off and the shooting starts in earnest.

Strange times.

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The speech itself raises all the problems with the idea except one: the US would never win. And as it started to really lose the nukes would fly and that would be that. End of story. No more twinkies.

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When appeals to patriotism fail, appeals to the holy trinity of Dude Weed, pr0n, and vidya might just be crazy enough to work.

I mean I really doubt it would work but it's a hilarious suggestion.

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"As Christopher Caldwell so thoroughly documents in his The Age of Entitlement, the Reagan revolution institutionalized the firesale of America’s manufacturing capacity and its replacement by a financialized, deficit economy that allowed elites to use labor arbitrage to rake in unheard-of profits while buying off dissent with deficit-funded welfare programs, and otherwise manufacturing consent for their program by importing a new people to vote for it."

I find it very refreshing to read a self-described man of the Right calling the Reagan administration out on its horseshit. It merely paved the way for Clinton and the hollowing out of America. Reagan has gotten a pass from conservatives (and liberals!) for far too long, IMO; for some reason he remains a Holy of Holies who may not be criticized. The ideology of "small government" stopped to a screeching halt when it came to the permanent security state.

"Dad, I learned it from you."

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There doesn't need to be a war. We used to practice diplomacy instead of killing.

Once, when we had manufacturing, we sold everything to the world. Now, we don't even have that. We are consumers, not makers.

If the dollar were to crash, everything would go up in a poof of smoke.

I keep wondering if losing a major war wouldn't be a bad thing.

We would trade one set of overlords for another one.

But I don't think we'd face what our ancestors faced, the loss of famillies or the loss of childbearing women. But then, China is short of women.

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Provocative post.

And, did the man in the cardigan dress purposefully for the event in the photograph?

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You nailed it.

I read Nagl’s book at the time by the way.

I drank the Kool Aide.

But I did it In Iraq, in OIF, 06-07.

So I damn sure put my life where my beliefs were- in my defense.

Now in truth Nagl and the rest and the leadership could be given 36 million Troops and 37% of GDP, which is WW2 levels.

They’d still fail.

What they want is an army to play with and the one they had they pissed away.

Don’t give them anymore.

What the pols offered is what we demanded- to live beyond our means. The bill is here.

Eat turnips, wear handmedowns

I DID and get back to work.

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We have become bored with freedom and no longer wish to pay the cost of liberty. This has been coming on for 60 years.

Double ungood.

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I loved this! Your so smart you can be the Wise man of my Mad Max tribe... but you have to bring your own assless chaps.

You say this like is a bad thing : "Those of you in service jobs will mostly lose them; industry will return and with it the ethos of physical labor, masculine culture, and probably the patriarchy. "

I'm not rising up against shit to prevent that... but then I live in South Africa which is just totes badass. We are already at 75 % mad Max level. The powers going out four times a day... but I have biltong and candles and Im loved by the nearby tribe... so WAGMI !

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I read Nagl’s essay, him and the Skirt.

Nagl complaining that the Army he wrote a book to make (COIN) can’t do war is shameless.

Nagl should really run for Congress, he’s got what it takes.

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The military to the extent it is breaking is breaking because:

1. The Constitution is what the military swore to, and it’s rather obviously inoperative.

2. You can’t officially hate and propagate official sanctioned hatred against your troops composite groups; whites, males, heterosexuals, Christians and not expect them to kill or die for you.

3. The inane use of our precious training time to nag us incessantly to stop being;






-skeptical of anything

-skeptical of vaccines

-Toxically Masculine (a word about this, it’s our purpose to kill people and destroy things)

-Hostile work environment; that’s actually why we exist, our work being exactly hostility.

-suicidal (suicides are bad for careers of surviving superiors)

-drug addled drunks

...You see taking away our time to prepare for war convinces even the most stubborn people that we’re working for people who don’t take war seriously, and war is serious.

4. Nagl; sigh. Ask Nagl if War means we can eat soup with a spoon now. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please learn. Nagl is mr COIN, we warned then this would happen.

It did.

5. The military is generational service. This has been known for a long time. You can’t shit on people forever when they’re from the same families.

6. It would help if the rest of you pitched in for a change, but...

7. You’re users, by you I mean Civilians and all those who rode free on the security provided by others- relax - we’re done.

The loss of Empire does mean the free infinity money is gone, but not our problem.

8. Don’t fret about conscription. War is coming everywhere in the West. You’d have to get into Russia or China to avoid it... they don’t run charities.

9. Should mention the police come from the same families as military: police, veterans, military, same people.

10. Empire? Lol. You’ll wish you were in the military just to improve your chances.


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This might raise hackles:

A factor rarely brought up is the US military's aversion to losing troops. (Plase don't misread this, all militaries try to minimalise losses but the US military is so loss-averse it hampers ability.)

The US Civil War claimed about as many soldiers as the US lost in WW2. Think about that. Why? How? Consider that the US has lost every war since WW2. Battles you may win, but you always lose the war.

Now look at Russia and China, nations and cultures so old few others still in existence can compare. Look at their history: they know loss, and they know how to turn loss and suffering into a resource, into strength.

The US don't, never has compared to them.

No, the US will continue to use drones and aerial bombarment, continue to murder hundreds of thousands if not millions of civilians as collateral damage in target zones, and continue to insist it's "the Good Guys", and continue to use economic incentives to corrupt and make ameanable to US globalist doctrine the leadership of other nations unless they are to powerful or have been designated strawman enemies (such as DPRK or Iran - anyone thinking either is a military threat to the US must be so pig-ignorant they struggle to tie their shoelaces).

China lacks strike capabilities beyod it's immediate borders. So does Russia. They are only military threats to their neighbours, so any war between a Sino-Slavic alliance and US hegemony would be proxy-wars fought along the borders.

And China and Russia knows this full well, which is why they have been labouring to destroy you by helping you commit suicide. They have been doing this since the late 1990s. They identified your major weaknesses:

Greed, made into virtue under the moniker capitalism.

Liberalism, in your cult of rights.

Exceptionalism, thinking you different than all other nations or states.

Globalism/cosmopolitanism, embodied in the fallacy "all men are created equal".

American individualism, the false belief that individual and collective exists in conflict (when in reality they are just different levels of zoom looking at the same thing).

Freedom, always worshipped and never defined or codified, making it hollow and fake.

I think you need to shrink, but thsoe who rule you can't allow for that. I think most of you want peace and live by "live and let live"-principles, but those who own you cannot abide free will going against their utopianism. I think most americans are starting to understand that you cannot separate community, society and nation from kultur/ethnicity the way you've (well, black and white americans mainly) been trying to since the end of the 1950s.

What was the name of that war game where a US admiral won, despite the game being rigged against him, simply because he used non-american tactics and strategy? I remember reading about it when it happened, and they re-did the war game so it ended the way it had been decided beforehand.

That attitude among your commanders and officers and politicians is why you don't win wars, only battles.

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Ironic that western people have generally avoided thinking about death for so long that they have become death, and don't recognise themselves in the mirror.

I for one will not be killing some other ignorant fool to ' save our way of life' or some such shit. I will be preparing to live by preparing to die.

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Relevant and powerful essay.

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